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Journal of Bio-Molecular Sciences

Journal of Bio-Molecular Sciences (JBMS) publishes original research papers as well as review articles that deal to the developments in the area of bio-molecules. The novelty of research is the prime focus of publications in Journal of Bio-Molecular Sciences....[]

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Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Shafiq Ur Rehman
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Synthetic Biology Will Reinvigorate New Generation Drugs, Vaccines and Biofuels Research and Development

Pages 47 - 64
    Sami Ullah Jan, Burhan Ullah, Aimal Khan, Muhammad Asif Shahzad, Zeeshan Ali Yousaf, Atif Shafique, Muhammad Ali Abbas,

Prevalence and Antibiogram of Hospital Acquired Methicllin Resistant Stapylococcusaureus (HA-MRSA) from a Tertiary Care Hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan

Pages 28 - 37
    Muhammad Faizan, Irfan Ullah, Kashif Ullah, Ilyas Khan, Sami Ullah Jan, Fahad Ali, Khalil Ur Rahman, Aimal Khan, Burhan Ullah, Mubashir Hussain,

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