Conferences and Seminars

Seminars/conference in 2016.

International Agriculture Conference: Haripur (08th-10th December 2016) FEEDING 9 BILLION THROUGH SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE

08-10 December 2016 - Haripur

The current world population of 7.5 Billion is expected to cross 9 billion in 2050 according to a UN report, "World Population Prospects". Feeding ever increasing global population requires intensive agriculture using modern technologies. Agricultural practices without compromising the environment, soil and water on Earth planet need to adopt sustainable ways. Agriculture is among the greatest contributors to global warming, emitting more greenhouse gases than all others - largely from methane released by cattle and rice farms, nitrous oxide from fertilized fields and carbon dioxide from the cutting of rain forests to grow crops or raise livestock. Farming is a great user of our precious water supplies and also a polluter, as runoff from fertilizers and manure disturbs fragile lakes, rivers, and coastal ecosystems across the globe. Agriculture also accelerates the loss of biodiversity. As we have cleared areas of grassland and forest for farms, we have lost crucial habitat, making agriculture a major driver of wildlife extinction.

Pakistan Agricultural Scientist (PAS) forum is a professional house of hundreds of scientists, field officers, academician and agribusiness personals from all sectors (crop, livestock, forest and natural resources) of agriculture, which fosters the generation and transfer of knowledge. The forum is dedicated to nation building through securing food, conserving natural resources, alleviating hunger, poverty and joining hands with its global partners for similar causes at regional and global scale. PAS forum has been regularly holding conferences and seminars highlighting important issues, synthesizing applicable recommendations, lobbying for food security and sharing of knowledge. The forum is publishing an impact factor journal (The JAPS) and various policy guidelines. We have the honor to be the prestigious partner of reputed national and international bodies in holding various events.

PAS-forum in collaboration with University of Haripur, DirectSciences and other partners; is holding an International Conference "Feeding 9 Billion through Sustainable Agriculture" at University of Haripur, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa on 15-17th December, 2016. The conference will cover following themes, where national and international experts have been invited to give talk, exploring various aspects to discuss the upcoming challenges of feeding 9 Billion of population in 2050.

Themes of Conference

  • Crop production by assuring food security
  • Crop adaptation to coop with climate change
  • Conserving natural resources
  • Organic Agriculture
  • Livestock and poultry sector playing its role to feed the globe

3rd International Water Conference WATER SECURITY & SUSTAINABLE GROWTH

23-25 August 2016 - Islamabad

The objective of this conference is to sensitize critical water issues and highlighting key challenges and to explore way and means for integrated water recourse development and management to attain sustainable development through scientificallysound advice under the following sub themes:
1-Climate change and water security
2-Water governance trans boundary cooperation
3-Water and food security
4-Secure water quality and sanitation
5-Water security policies: principals, perspectives and practices.

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